Waxing | Sugaring


Check out these advice from your waxing expert for our best postwax care tips, and what not to do the first two days following your appointment. Prevent ingrown hairs and take care of your newly waxed skin.

24 Hours Post Brazilian Wax/Sugaring:

  • No hot showers (lukewarm water only)
  • No heavy creams/body butter or fragrances to the skin
  • No tight clothing – wear loose fitting clothes
  • No “vigorous” activities that will cause the skin to sweat – perspiration may irritate your skin


  • 2-3x per week exfoliate (preferably with a sugar scrub) to keep the skin from having dead skin cell build-up
  • Removing dead skin and other debris can help release embedded hair and prevent additional ingrown hairs.
  • Once you start waxing, it’s important to maintain your appointments. Consistency is Key! Schedule hair removal four to six weeks apart to align with your hair’s natural growth cycle.
  • Please do not shave in between waxing as this may cause ingrowns and disrupt the pattern of the hair growth.