Waxing | Sugaring


  •  24 Hours Post Brazilian Wax/Sugaring:

    • No hot showers (lukewarm water only)
    • No heavy creams/body butter or fragrances to the skin
    • No tight clothing – wear loose fitting clothes
    • No “vigorous” activities that will cause the skin to sweat – perspiration may irritate your skin


  • Ongoing:

    • 2-3x per week exfoliate (preferably with a sugar scrub) to keep the skin from having dead skin cell build-up

    • Removing dead skin and other debris can help release embedded hair and prevent additional ingrown hairs.
    • Once you start waxing, it’s important to maintain your appointments. Consistency is Key! Schedule hair removal four to six weeks apart to align with your hair’s natural growth cycle.

    • Please do not shave in between waxing as this may cause ingrowns and disrupt the pattern of the hair growth. 

(It is highly recommended to have been waxed at least 4-6weeks prior to your sugaring appointment for better ease of hair removal)