Relaxing Facials

New Client Facial

Select this option if you are a NEW client or if I have not seen you in over a year. This includes a consultation and a customized facial treatment.

*You will receive a custom skincare routine and product suggestions post facial treatment.

After receiving this service, you may book other treatments as recommended at your leisure.

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Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning exfoliates the skin by removing the upper most layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair leaving the skin ultra smooth, bright and ready to absorb products better into the skin.

A gentle enzyme is applied afterwards for brightening, your skin will be absolutely radiant!

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CBD Calming Facial ( Enzyme + Deep Serum Infusion)

Products used will contain CBD which has calming effects to the skin and when used to massage relaxes the muscles. Enzymes will brighten the skin.

CBD Benefits:
Muscle relaxer
Reduce swelling, pain, and redness from existing breakouts
Reduce irritation from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
Improves the production of collagen, making the skin and muscles firmer
Improves the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and skin discoloration

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About Face Indulgence Facial

This is our signature customized facial, the About Face Indulgence Facial provides a deep cleansing for all skin types to address everyday skin conditions and concerns. Your skin will love this refreshing facial treatment with the use of products tailored to your skin needs.

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About Face Deluxe Facial

When your goal is to pamper yourself, give your skin a treat with the About Face Deluxe Facial!

This service includes a full customized facial treatment with an enzyme catered to your skins needs, face and shoulder massage, ice globes, hot stones, deep pore serum infusion, and CBD add-on for your shoulder massage as the finishing touch. Aromatherapy is provided to carry your senses away.

*Extractions are included

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