Standards & Policies


  • Double dipping with wax or sugaring paste is not allowed under any circumstances!
  • Proper infection control standards are practiced for everyone’s safety, health, and well being.
  • Education is key – informed clients is our goal. The more you know about your skin, the better! We encourage you to ask questions.
  • Skincare Simplified – As your Skin Therapist, my goal is to un-complicate or simplify skincare for clients. We’ll discuss realistic goals, build a skincare routine, and provide treatment options to help you meet your goals.
  • Gratuity is always welcomed for great service!


COVID-19 guidelines for appointments

(This may be part of the new normal for the Esthetics/Beauty Industry going forward)

****PLEASE DO NOT BOOK IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED COVID OR ANY COVID LIKE SYMPTOMS (as stated below) IN THE PAST FOURTEEN (14) DAYS **** (Even if you have the vaccine and booster this still applies regardless of the CDC 5 day quarantine requirement)


SOLO VISIT: Please come to your appointment alone. No additional guests are allowed to attend your appointment, children/babies included. 


Download the Vagaro app. Go to your Appointments and Click ‘Check In’. You will receive a text message and email letting you know we are ‘Ready To Begin’ your service so please keep your text notifications turned on in your account profile. 

PERSONAL ITEMS: Please limit the personal items you bring into the spa. The least items you bring in the better.

WAIVER FORMS: All clients must complete forms EVERY appointment prior to their appointment.

WEARING MASKS: Client must wear a mask or cloth covering face and nose upon entering and exiting the premises. NO talking during facials.

HAND WASHING: All clients must wash their hands for 20 seconds before services are rendered. Hand sanitizer will also be available.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Clients must practice responsible physical/social distancing at least before your appointment (this does not include going out for essentials, like groceries or the pharmacy). This extends to anyone in your household.

Please CANCEL your appointment if you meet these criteria: 

♾Not feeling well/sick for any reason, or have been exposed to someone that is/was currently feeling unwell
♾Been in a large group setting of 10 or more people in the last 5 days and have not been fully vaccinated (concerts, gatherings, etc)
♾Exposed to anyone who meets the above criteria (including children)

We must all take this seriously and I am trying to balance servicing your needs while being safe. If you are caught being dishonest about the info entered on the Covid-19 form  you will be banned.

**IF YOU DO TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19, PLEASE CANCEL IMMEDIATELY. Cancellation fees are not waived due to Covid. As soon as you feel an inkling that you are unwell you should CANCEL to avoid late cancellation fees.


By booking a service with Skinfinity Esthetics you agree to all of the terms outlined below. Completion of booking services is confirmation of agreement with the above policies and gives permission to Skinfinity Esthetics to draft cancellation or no-show fees.
    • To WAITLIST:
      • Login to your VAGARO account via app or website to join
      • Should there be a cancellation, you may be booked in that space and will be responsible for all polices and fees associated with that booking.
      • By waitlisting you are essentially saying that you are free and available to take on any appointment you requested during the availability period you supplied. Calls for waitlist requests are ONLY done upon short notice cancellations such as same day or next day. Do not expect a call if booked 3 days before.
    • After 10 mins with no text/call, your appointment is cancelled and your card on file will be charged the no show fee. {see no show policy} Full service amount is due if late policy is violated. If Grace period has elapsed your card will be charged the full amount. If Grace is given and still the client goes beyond the extended time, the full price will be charged to the card on file.
    • Being late will eat into your remaining appointment time 
    • You will be blocked for excessively showing up late. If you are 10+ mins late to 3 consecutive appointments this rule will apply. 
    • Skinfinity Esthetics will not adjust prices or stay longer due to the client’s lateness for any reason.
    • Feel free to reschedule your appointment up to 48 hrs in advance of your original appointment time. After 48hours (to the minute) your appointment is locked in and cannot be rescheduled. 
    • Under 48hrs it is considered a cancellation and the fee will be applied
    • Excessive Rescheduling & Cancellations: You will be blocked for excessive rescheduling and cancelling your appointment  (3x’s or more). If you cancel 3 consecutive appointments OR cancel 5 appointments in the last 6months you will be banned. You’re consistently taking up booking time, blocking others who can make it appointment from booking. Please cancel and rebook when you have concrete availability.
    • Skinfinity Esthetics has a 48-hour (2 day) cancellation policy.Late is late, even if by a minute – the fee will be charged.
    • 50% of the service(s) will be charged for cancellations under 48 hours  from your appointment time,
    • 100% of the service(s) will be charged for cancellations under 24 hours. 
    • If canceling any part of your services under 48hrs, you are responsible for the cancellation fee for the portion of the service being cancelled under 48hrs.
    • You are responsible for the full fees of the services booked the day of your appointment. Please book exactly what you intend to pay for, cancel services as needed prior to 48hrs. The total is locked in, however you may substitute services you plan to cancel or do not need for another service of equal or more value. 
    • Cancellation or No-show fees WILL NOT be used as credits toward future appointments, so please do NOT ask. 
    • If you are on your menstrual cycle and have a brazilian wax/sugaring appointment, this does NOT absolve you from the cancellation fee.  Please coordinate your cycle schedule appropriately. A tampon is acceptable if you are spotting or have a light flow (for hair removal clients).
  • Sick/Wellness Policy – PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT at the first sign of symptoms that may indicate that your are unwell or recovering from not feeling 100%.  This includes signs of: shortness of breath, fever, cough, temperature increase, body aches/chills, throat soreness or tingle, etc. The owner reserves the right to turn away or refuse to service your appointment should there be any inclination of the aforementioned concerns.
      • You receive email notices 5 days before your appointment, therefore plenty of time is allotted to cancel  your appointment. The above cancellation policy will be enforced for lack of proper notification. 
      • Please review the CDC website for info regarding COVID-19:
    • 100% of service(s) booked will be charged for no-shows.
    • A no-show is a client that does not arrive for their appointment, after 10 minutes beyond your scheduled appointment time and with no notification provided of any delay in arrival – you are considered a NO SHOW. Your card will be debited the balance of services booked.
    • If you no-show on your first visit, you will be banned from booking again
    • Smoking is not permitted. Please also do not arrive smelling like smoke (or any smoking type substance). Odors linger and it is not appropriate to have the spa smell like smoke, especially for clients coming after you and for the owner to inhale. If you come smelling like cigarettes, cigars, weed, or any other smoke related substance your appointment will be canceled on site and you will be charged the same day cancellation fee.
    • Minimum age to be serviced is 18 years old for facial services and 16 years old for waxing/sugaring hair removal. 
    • Please visit the Pre & Post Care Tips tab to tips for many of the services provided
    • The booking system will not allow you to reschedule your appointment after 48 hours/2 days (to the minute). The appointment is locked in at this point. You may cancel and rebook by logging into your account and making those updates.
    • Skinfinity Esthetics reserves the right to refuse to perform a treatment/service based upon professional assessment.
    • Please be mindful of your appointment time and the timeframe for cancellation without incurring a fee.
    • Skinfinity Esthetics will not be held liable or responsible for any personal items lost or left behind.
    • Service pricing is subject to change at the owners discretion and is active at the the time of change regardless of when the appointment was made.
    • All clients must sign client intake form and waiver in order to be seen. Please go to the ‘FORMS’ tab and fill out all applicable forms for treatment.
    • Gratuities in cash are appreciated.
    • No refunds period; deposits for services are non refundable for any reason

By booking a service with Skinfinity Esthetics you agree to all of the aforementioned terms. Completion of booking services is confirmation of agreement with the above policies and gives permission to Skinfinity Esthetics to draft cancellation or no-show fees.